Top quality TEFL courses in Spain

Accredited high quality TEFL classes in Spain? Here is the complete TEFL guide, with all you need to know in one place. Teaching English really is a great and high potential self development path! It offers many possibilities to freedom, visiting, exploration, and a fun lifestyle.

Speaking of benefits, another benefit of having a TEFL certificate is that international teaching jobs tend to pay a pretty penny for TEFL-certified teachers. Institutes and schools alike pay more because, well, you have some skills, and are therefore worth more to their students! Sure it will most likely cost you to afford the training course, but you’ll certainly have the opportunity to receive a nice return on that personal investment.

TEFL Madrid Academy offers a great TEFL course with instructors who are all highly qualified and experienced. We also offer pre-enrollment counseling to our potential students. Teaching jobs in Madrid: The TEFL Madrid Academy’s course will prepare you to teach a variety of classes and students. We also offer job search guidance and believe in personalized customer service for all of our students, as well as our graduates. When you teach English in Spain, you help mold individuals to become better professionals or business owners within the country and abroad. Get on your way with a TEFL certification: We at the TEFL Madrid Academy are committed to guiding our prospective students through every step of preparing to work abroad. See more info on Tefl Jobs.

With many people, what started as a half-year sabbatical turned into a long and successful career. Other people taught for a year or two, got loads of experience, and returned home to different careers. Find out if you are a career teacher! Looking for a change? Teaching English abroad is the perfect option. You can gain your qualification in just 4 weeks and start work immediately afterwards. Contracts are usually signed for 6, 10 or 12 months. You can choose the length of your break according to your needs and feelings.

The TEFL certification is a widely recognized accreditation that certifies the capacity of a teacher to teach English in non-English-speaking countries, such as Spain, France, China, South Korea… This certificate is a requirement for any teaching centre interested in hiring qualified English language teachers, in order to comply with quality standards set by the British Council. These standards are the following; students must be given at least a 100 hours of teaching, 6 hours of practice teaching – under a qualified trainer’s supervision -; and the centre must be accredited to be able to provide training by teachers with a Master’s degree in TEFL or TESOL. All of the above requirements are met by TEFL Madrid, so if you decide to take your TEFL course in Spain, our Academy is the one for you. Visit: